Once again, this entry has been created right on 5.10 in the morning. Just couldn’t stop the running mind to tap something on the keyboard and here I am, writing this entry. Wonder why do all the ideas are flowing smoothly at this particular hour. Let it be, not a miraculous thing to be even pondered upon anyway.

I had a good conversation with my lovely mum yesterday evening. She was enjoying herself giving advice to me about choosing the perfect girl, again. Yeah mum, as much as you enjoy the advice-giving ‘ceremony’, I do enjoy just listening to your voice. Out of blue, I realized there’s nothing seems to sound so wonderful and invigorating like a mum’s voice. Well, she got quite a convincing cause for that, since my same-aged cousin is somehow compelling his mum to go ‘merisik’! (Sorry, couldn’t find any good English words to translate that.)

So my mum freaked out and I’ve ‘voluntarily’ lend my ears to listen to those dramas that are happening in my hometown. Hey, if you think it’s easy to say to your mum that you did not even think about getting married in next 10 years, try it! Should be fun though. Especially when your mum is influenced a lot by your ‘makcik-makcik’. Hee!

But Mum, I have my plan. Do not worry about me so much. I know you’re just being who you are, always the best mother I will ever have. And I do really love you for that. Gratitude. But the plan I have, such I’ve discussed with you and our family, would you give your ‘restu’ and blessing?

I know my ‘imaan’ isn’t that good. And your fear is based on the deep feeling that you profoundly knew me since I was small. But this time, I’ll pray for your forgiveness that I’m certain to decide what is best for me, for once. What a heart to break a mum’s heart, and so I say my forgiveness. A million times. Countless. With love and trust, with the mercy of The God, I’ll go to learn something within me. I’ll go for what I have been planning and never since I had told anyone before.

Maafkan andai terluka. Redhailah bila masanya tiba nanti.

4 ulat gigit daun hijau:

aww thats so sweet. ape lg cari la cpt2 calon menantu utk ur mother. ahaha

ape sbnrnye yg angkau plan kan encik firdaus?

wani - hmm. it's not about the girl. something else is bothering my mind...


Suraya i - hmm... entahlah. kelakar pulak rasa...


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