For most of us, having a middle name is something had never ever been thought before. Why do I need a middle name as if my first and last name is more than enough to fulfill all the blank fields on the birth certificate? Or it has been so complicated that my close friends would only call me as ‘Ina’ or ‘Na’ instead of Nur Nazahiyah Amalina Baharin bt Mohd Fairuz Ridzuan? Ain’t that long enough to make their tongue go swelling away from a normal direction? Yeah, I wont’s say that as an easy one but though, the middle name however plays a big role behind any success of Chinese, American, British, Japanese, Korean and many more which I should spell out when I got the times elsewhere.

Middle name (as in for American) or Family name (as in for Chinese) have somehow pushed these kinds of people to think, work and devoted their lives to enliven the name. the burden of having such a great name like Einstein has making the whole family and relatives of Einstein to give example of how great Einstein is, even though Einstein has already long gone leaving the rest of the family. One of the family members had set up a research lab or should be called as academic institute about atomic theory where all the results and ideas of Einstein that has not been made into research are preceded in order for them to ‘pay’ the last respect to Einstein.

In Japanese, names like Konosuke Matsushita for example, is acknowledged by both East and West regions as one of the most successful men in the electrical and electronic industries. Even maybe, you might want to check your calculator, wall fans, refrigerator, washing machine, iron as well your kettle which might be having the label of ‘Matsushita Corp’ on the back side of it. That label is referring to him where all the ideas of installing electrical and electronic to home appliances are made true by him. Matsushita himself is one of the greatest Japanese industrialist ever recorded, the founder of brand Panasonic, National and JVC, making him being bestowed a respectable death ceremony as great as he has being living for. As a matter of fact, he is known as "the god of management" for many Japanese. 

In heritage of that, all the family members of Matsushita who is carrying his irreplaceable name as their family name had been working real hard for all these years to make sure the name of Matsushita brings quality to what it had, has and are going to produce in the future. No one would be as more as responsible to this accountability except for the sons and daughters to keep their parents’ name remembered and remarked by the whole world. Nowadays, they are moving forward of supplying electronic materials to automotive industries in the creation of better quality radios and sounds and more reliable heat withstanding materials, all because of inheriting the Matsushita’s family name legacy. 

In my opinion, bringing the culture or heritage of having a middle name is not a piece of sin. The reason behind this idea is to make modern and irresponsible youths to feel the pride of their great ancestors. Our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has been quoted saying “Melayu Mudah Lupa…” or “Malay is a Forgetful Race...”. But what can we do to resolve this sensational and mocking phrase of him? Are we just going to nod all the way around agreeing on this? Sadly however, there are certain people who emotionally reacted by throwing harsh words to Tun in reflecting on the quotes. This action is not a solution to the problem, instead it shows the truth that we are not just forgetful, we might as well be called as indecent, uncivilized, uneducated, and impolite and of top of all, most would call stupid, concluding all the characteristics mentioned.

Tuning back the strings to what they have attached to, I am suggesting for Malay to have a middle name. Imagine a boy or a girl who’s to have a name as Khairul Nizam m.Mahathir bin Mukhriz whose people would recognize him as one of the family members of Tun, which should be an inspiration for him to study hard, to be more prominent rather than other teenagers, being a good leader in college and all other acts that can reflect the image of him as the family members of Tun. And the idea is not just for successful politician, business people, lawyer or a doctor but it can be for every family. A white collar shirt family might also have one successful person in their family who had achieved an excellent recognition from the country. Hold on to that name for all the family members so that each and everyone in the family will work very diligently to ensure the name is respected and protected.

Reaching out from far is hard, stepping one step further to destination is a must and grasping the result, it would likely to be. Yes, I admit that this idea might sounds ambitious, peculiar, absurd, so and so on. But if the idea is not absurd at all at the first place, we would not see a gigantic metal would fly above the sky high in the count of seconds that we call an aircraft, we would not see an untouchable thin fiber optic wire would be able to monitor the aerospace hundred miles from our mother earth, we would not see a small atomic reaction of nuclear could blast Hiroshima and Nagasaki in less than 30 seconds and recorded a death toll of millions, we would not see that…

With a sip of home-made coffee, let us just put a 15 minutes rethinking the ideas. What good it will bring to our society? What are the pros and contras of this idea in rebalancing the equilibrium of Malay’s status quo? Cause we have already knew that status quo doesn’t mean anything if our sons, grandsons or even our great grandson has nothing to be proud of with us. Having a middle name is just a small changing in something that we sometimes do not even appreciate, but having a good middle name or family name will trigger and pressurize ourselves to work even hard to retain the good name. The internal force never act like external force where it is a circulative process of keep on reminding who I am, whose name I am carrying and eventually, what do I have to do to be respected, to be admired by others? The road of finding answer for the final question may be paved with countless of hardship, but it is worth it! Being a human who always making mistake, we have to always know whether the juice is worth the squeeze before fighting for it. And in this case, the juice is a profound and all time respect that we gain from our own effort. Care to relish the challenge?

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